I'm mikl-em, your host!!!

There's nothing here yet, except some low, easy, but
very satisfying shots at the expense of

President Snippy
an example of how something can be less funny because it's true.

This domain will be the main domain for your funny vein,
but it's not yet. It's like a capillary, a tributary right now.
A chuckle to be, potential laughter everywhere.

One more quick vessel,
jokes at the expense of attorneys
they are particular stinging, becuz they are lawyer jokes
which were posted by accountants.

Never mind, go read my jeers at 'poor' W
that I composed for the FCLL inarguable march
which took place on 1/20/2001 W's in-ane-auguration day

if you think you're so funny why don't you write?