January 2001 (and all's hell)
all this was written for the Stupid
inaugural parade on 1/20/01
here's some press
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I, mikl W em, representing,
We the W people
of the US W of A

One nation under W
unable to divide
with Liberty W
and Justice W
for the (double)
usual suspects.

We all know that George W's tenure as President will be a boon for the nation's comedians. It's widely suspected that the Comedy Channel and Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels were among the biggest contributors to the Bush Campaign.

Well that's great for them, but what about us poets? Al Gore had promised not only to regularly attend poetry readings in Washington DC, but to sit near the front and nod his head and occasionally close his eyes as if really concentrating on particular passages. That's great because it's exactly what we all do when we go to see each other read.

Bush, as you may know, had a guaranteed lowest common denominator policy during the campaign. W vowed that he would match or beat any campaign promise made by his opponent. So we could have gotten the same deal from him. But that's no good, it's impossible to keep a straight face (let alone read a poem) with this guy staring at you.

Just before the inauguration Laura Bush hosted something called Laura Bush celebrates America's Authors. The guestlist of 20 writers included:

"…cheeseball thriller writer Mary Higgins Clark and her equally gifted daughter, Carol; our leading chronicler of what white male imperialists have actually done right, Stephen Ambrose; our foremost critic of what black activists get wrong, essayist-novelist Stanley Crouch; Texas writer Stephen Harrigan, whose novel "The Gates of the Alamo" our critic Michael Lind actually liked; and 13 -- 13! -- writers of children's books. "

--according to sfgate.com

...that's their vision for America's literary presence and future?

I'm roiling with the punches, my inarguable pome takes a few cue(ball)s from the good Doctor Seuss and adds an unhealthy dose (a table spoonerism full) of Norm Crosby, to pay tributarily to the caracature assignation of the son, the oily, W Bush.