George dubya is PLESIDENT!!!

George dubya is PLESIDENT
and what is more in evindence
is the re-splesidence of his performing, hence
that he'll be an Executive Chef Occifer to
set the table straight for the straightest
and the narrownest of the largesse of the NultiMationals!

He believed in Texas. He believed he'd have it.
And he had it.

He belly-leaved up to the voting table of the
Un-tied W States and look how he ate it up!
The US Gubbermint is his favorite Gubbermint,
(it's delicious!) and he promises to clean its
plate in no time lying down.

He is fascinated by Gubbermint and eager
to learn what it does and what it can't.
It's like getting a new car, and we are all pilver-ridged
to be in the backseat of his driving it.

But wait! He's in the backseat with us now, too!!
George! George! Who's driving the car?

Relax and enjoy it, says Georgie,
it's Auto-W-matic, corporate interests
are running things for me.

Oh that George!

George's father indistinguished himself and people
slowly remember that he was once a US Precident.
He pardoned Gulliver North, and all the other Lilliputniks
of our bevelled Cold War error. And it is just his
father's foreign plicity that Bush the Younger hopes to amulate.

For all the Demoncrates who may still prostate
that all the votes weren't counted
George says, Silly Demon-crates, you are mudsticks all.
You're missing the oblique velocity of the evidensity!!

Because it's a new math, easier to use(!), that Georgie promises,
You can count on George counting for you!
And he anticipates much success in getting
enatorial approval on his
push for a 40% majority.

George dubya won the SPOILING bee
W is in the albino house
its now his official residensity!
Even if Gore is better, Bush is what you have in hand,
get Gore off your mind, and start thinking Bush!

Because dubya promises a bi-partisan cleaning house
in the whiting house, and lobbyists of all creed
under the almighty W-capitalist greed can eat their
pieces, as allotted based on
their paid tributes to his Bush-es-ness.

And along with the new math, here are some
alterations to the linguistic landscape:

Department of Housing, W, and Urban W-velopment
Roe W Wade
The Washington W Monument
--where we'll be re-enacting the final scene from
It's a Mad W, Mad W, Mad W, Mad W World
on April 1st during each year of W's reign.

In closing, I'd like to share a haiku which was written by W himself, to show his oriental concern for the poet's plight.

It's entitled,
Anticipating Springtime from the big W windows of the White House where I live now, by the way, cuz I won

money! money! money! money! money! money! money!
bombs! bombs! bombs! bombs! bombs!


this poem and webpage are brought to you by:
the letter W,
the will of those people who were allowed to vote,
the interests of corporations everywhere
w-Daddy, w-Jebediah, et w-al,
conservative white christians without conscience,
and the threat of War (huh? good god!)


mikl-w-em retorting.